Saturday, July 15, 2006

Twilight walk

Part of a much longer dream...

It was twilight at the house on Embassy... deep blue, clear sky... yellow house and streetlights starting to shine across the neighborhood. No stars. Cool, but not chilly.

Younger sister and Mom were conversing about something in the other room. G decided to walk over to a friend’s house and Mom was concerned about her walking alone at night. Mom decided to walk with her, saying, “Well, there’s a world beyond Louisville and maybe it’s time I see it.”

I thought this was nice and decided to go too. I was putting on a pair of gray socks and pale blue walking shoes... slip on shoes with dark blue piping. I was somewhat annoyed with Dad. He was in another room with the TV blaring. Basketball game. I said, “All through our lives, that damn TV chattering away.” Then I felt bad about being annoyed. Toward the end, Dad was getting rather deaf and couldn’t help watching with the volume turned up loud. He was a good guy and would have turned it down if asked... and would have sat there struggling to hear the game.

I decided I’d get him a pair of headphones as a gift. That way, he could watch TV without disturbing everyone else. At first I thought this was a great idea but then I realized the headphones would make him even more isolated than he already was. I decided to just let it go. “It’s just a basketball game,” I said. “God knows there isn’t much enjoyment in his life. Let it go.”


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