Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Underwater TV Pilot

Part of a much longer dream:

I was an actor on a TV pilot that I knew wouldn’t be picked up by any network. My character was a single Dad (widowed or divorced... I can’t remember), raising his son in Hawaii. My body in the dream was the body of that hunky guy on the JAG TV show (yeah right, in my dreams).

The opening title music was a vocal piece with a lyric that said, “oh to be free - free from Hawaii.” The camera was pointed straight down into the ocean as the credits rolled. The water was about 50 feet deep... tropical blue, reefs, lots of tropical fishes, dappled, shimmering light. I swam with the actor who played my son. We held hands as we swam, with the camera following us from above.

We wore black wetsuits but no air tanks - and that wasn’t a problem. I think we could breathe water. The wetsuits had two bright yellow stripes from each shoulder to the waist. The scene was tender and bittersweet for some reason. That’s the feeling that stuck with me when I woke up.

In the waking world, I don’t watch much TV these days. I’m not a professional actor, I don’t have a son, and I’ve never been to Hawaii. I bear no resemblance to the above referenced actor and I don’t think I can breathe water, although I haven’t tried lately. I’ve been listening to an album as part of a work project. It has lots of tropical ocean, water and nautical references in the art and music. A line from one song I particularly like says, “you’ll drown in the love you were drinking.”


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